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3 Easy Ways to Get the Perfect Beachy Curls

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3 Easy Ways to Get the Perfect Beachy Curls

It seems that everyone with long or even shorter hair wants beachy curls of some kind. Who doesn't like that endless summer look of messy, curly, tousled hair that usually comes from playing in the sand and surf day after day and feeling the wind of the waves rushing through their hair in a gazillion different directions?

Beach waves and curls appear to be one of many current rages with hair styling, so why not give it a try on your own hair and see what you look like in beachy curls.

Getting perfect beachy curls is an easy process, and it doesn't have to entail endless trips to the beach to accomplish it. In fact, here are three easy ways to get that beachy hair look that you can perpetuate the entire summer without stepping near the water's edge.

1. Salt Spray

There are sea-salt hair sprays out there that can help stimulate the look of waves and curls. All you have to do is find a reliable one that has an infusion of oil in it and spritz it evenly through damp air. Gently tousle the hair as you work the product through the hair, minus any scrunching, and you should have plenty of beachy curls. Add a little styling cream or sunscreen on the ends of the hair to achieve a finished look.

2. Curling Irons

Curling irons that have larger rods are perfect for making loose waves and curls. The best way to achieve a looser curl effect is to take three inch sections of the hair and curl them in irregular patterns. Take the first section away from the face and then curl the next section toward the face. Continue this procedure until you have taken the curling iron around the entire head, and don't hold the curl any longer than six seconds. Allow the curls to fall and run the fingers slightly through them to achieve wavy and curly results.

3. Hair Bun Curls

Another way to achieve beachy curls is to bun your hair in places. After your hair is semi-damp from showering, spray it with sea salt spray and then divide it off into four sections. Twist the sections into two top buns and two at the back of the neck. Pin them in place. Sleep with the buns secure overnight and undo them the following morning. Once the hair is free, use your fingers to go through it and create a tousled curly and wavy finish. Lightly spray with salt spray to catch any stray or limp pieces.

With just a few techniques, you too can have beachy curls, with or without treks to the beach. The three different ways previewed are easy and don't take a lot of time, plus you end up with the curls that beach beauties everywhere long to have all summer long.