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Five Workouts Just in Time for Summer

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Five Workouts Just in Time for Summer

Summer is coming, and so is swimwear, muscle shirts, and short shorts. With warmer weather comes skin baring clothing to keep cool and get a golden tan. Summer months are a great opportunity to show off all of your hard work at the gym while sitting out by the pool, out on a hike, or playing your favorite sport. If you've been loafing on the couch all winter, there's still time to get in great shape for the summer season! These five workouts will help you slim down and tone up just in time for warm weather.

CrossFit is the new workout trend that everyone is talking about. If you're looking to get really strong fast, CrossFit might just be the workout you're looking for. CrossFit workouts usually begin with a short dynamic warmup, like jogging or crawling. The warmup is usually challenging in itself and can start the calorie burn right away! CrossFit workouts vary from day to day and focus on building strength and endurance. You'll use a variety of equipment to perform a lot of different functional movements that help to get you in shape fast!

Kettlebell classes are a great alternative to CrossFit that are a bit more simple and less intense. The kettlebell is a more compact and versatile tool that can be used for strengthening various parts of the body. Kettlebells can be pressed and pulled as well as held while squatting to provide extra resistance. The kettlebell swing works your core and glutes while also providing a great cardio workout. Kettlebell classes are an awesome workout, but the basic movements can also be completed at home or on the go.

To focus mainly on strength and eliminate any lung-burning cardio, barbells help you get strong and toned. Men and women can benefit from pumping some iron, with the barbell being able to be minutely adjusted to fit your individual fitness needs. Barbell movements are fairly simple and can provide a quick and effective workout.

If you're not into spending time in a gym pumping iron, getting a bicycle is a great way to get in shape for summer and enjoy the great outdoors. Replacing your daily drive with a bike ride on sunny days burns a ton of calories and is good for the environment.

Finally, yoga provides a low-impact workout that is calming and great for flexibility and heart rate. An experienced yoga instructor can help guide with poses, modifying as necessary to help you go through the flow to the best of your ability without injury. If classes don't interest you, there are many yoga video programs that can be done in the comfort of your home with minimal investment into inexpensive equipment.